People choosing our destination for business tourism can extend their stay to get to know the many riches that this land offers and that bear witness to our history, tradition and art, offering some wonderful surprises to true connoisseurs.

Indeed, the ancient palaces in the historic centres deserve a leisurely visit; they host art exhibitions and cultural events that propose interesting meetings on different topics every month.

The city centre of Rovigo is based around squares or streets, like many other Veneto’s cities, often surrounded by colonnades, and with shops, where you will receive a warm welcome from the long-time owners who make you feel at home even if you buy something small.

It will also be very interesting to visit the fine churches, temples and abbeys, as well as interesting museums of national importance in Rovigo, Adria and Fratta Polesine

There are many possibilities for bike, boat, hike and horse excursions for those wanting to immerse themselves in the wonderful nature of the Po Delta. Dozens of itineraries wind along the great Po River’s branches and towpaths following them that are just waiting to be discovered and will amaze you with their local bird life with over 350 sedentary and migratory species and with a flower and tree heritage typical of Mediterranean and coastal areas. The Adige River also offers opportunities to combine a passion for nature with history and art thanks to its itineraries that lead to charming hamlets, past villas and rural dwellings.

Theatre, Music and Shows

The Social Theatre of Rovigo, one of the most famous traditional theatres in the Veneto, has hosted many great artists over the years and has been presenting its opera season in October for 200 years, plus the ballet season and followed by prose lasting until spring. Don’t miss the guided tour of the theatre, available on request.

The two music conservatories in Rovigo and Adria attract many young people from across Italy, who come here to study and meet nationally and internationally renowned artists during concerts in the auditorium or other locations depending on the season. Not only the theatres, but the large squares and private and public facilities located in the territory also host exhibits, concerts and festivals throughout the year.


For companies seeking new destinations for incentive trips, the province of Rovigo offers resort stays with exclusive hotels and villas surrounded by the green Po Delta and the Adriatic Sea with private beach and golf clubs.

For those who love speed, the right place is the only motorsport race track in the Veneto region located in Adria, where you can get behind the wheel of a Ferrari or Lamborghini or attend a safe driving course on two or four-wheeled vehicles. There are also car and motorcycle rallies that attract car enthusiasts every year, who spend a weekend in the “land between the two rivers” in the south of Veneto.

Here NOT only business goes GREEN!

Some of the most important cultural and environmental sites you should visit: