Why choose our destination?

  • Because Rovigo has a strategic geographic location with respect to the main north-south road networks, it is close to four airports and has three motorway exits
  • Because the great majority of the locations belonging to our destination offer are located in charming rural environments, where the landscaping context and history become an ally of those who also want to share the strong values fuelling successful business performance with a convention or other business event
  • Because in addition to hotels, villas and historic dwellings, our destination also offers less conventional locations such as marvellous boats, where meetings or post-meetings and incentives can be held as you float down the river
  • Because of the novelty of our “green” destination offer, flexibility in organising B2B events which better meet specific needs and for our advantageous conditions

Events and new ideas

  • Meeting & Convention to meet, talk and discuss
  • Workshops, Exhibitions for networking, to start new businesses, make purchases
  • Photo-shoots and video clips to discover and show new contexts and spread new messages
  • Team building for those looking for new contexts and ways to strengthen a sense of belonging to the company. Various offers are available to involve the participants in various and innovative training experiences (gourmet, sport)

Other services available

  • Catering and restaurant industry: restaurants, wine shops, farm holidays with high-quality services
  • Transportation and navigation services
  • Interpretation services and support in networking activities
  • Guides and accompanying services for business visits and post meetings
  • Stand organisers, flower designers, photographers, musicians
  • Professional trainers

Organising a MICE event

Organising a business event requires a great deal of information and contacts with local bodies. Rovigo Convention & Visitors Bureau selects and coordinates the services present in the territory and with a view to better meeting needs, it supports companies, corporations, associations and event organisers in the following activities:

  • Destination visit and presentation of its points of excellence, products and services
  • Information on B2B opportunities in the area with regard to the entrepreneurial fabric, which companies not established in the territory may contact for possible partnerships
  • Organisation of site inspections and educational tours to promote knowledge of the places and services available in the MICE context, from the location that best suites specific needs to all complementary and related services (organisation, catering, interpretation, reception, post meeting)
  • Contacts with local institutions to conceive and create B2B and B2C events in the economic, cultural and sporting sectors in line with the promotion of the destination, including through its main production sectors
  • Contacts with territorial bodies and local stakeholders for B2B and B2C events that as part of a co-marketing strategy are conceived and held on site, in other partner regions or abroad, to reduce organising costs and seize opportunities deriving from cooperation, thus increasing the return of expected benefits (image, brand, appeal)